The Films, and the Awards they've earned including a Student Emmy and the ASC Heritage Award.


Music Video / Rock / Digital / 2012

A music video for The HUSH’s single, “Hold You Down.”

Watch it here.


Short Film / Mystery Thriller / RED Digital / 2010

A teaser for the, “The Projectionist,” a throwback anthology series set in a world where Hitchcock meets The Twilight Zone. Each episode follows the lives of souls that are on his list. Souls that need help, that need solace, that need a chance to change. The Projectionist is there, behind the scenes, making the magic happen.

Watch it here.


Feature Film / Horror / super 16mm / 2009

A slow-burn psychological thriller about two young women running from their pasts and learning whom they can trust. It’s a modern day interpretation of the alleged events surrounding the world’s most prolific female serial killer, Belle Sorenson Gunness.

Slaughter had a budget of a million dollars and was filmed at Media Pro Studios in Romania, edited in Los Angeles, and finished at Molinare in London. It had a theatrical release in over 100 theaters nationwide.


Talahassee Film Festival


Short Film / Psychological Horror / 35mm / 2004

3AM is the disturbing tale of a cremation attendant who encounters the beautiful ghost of a young woman residing in his morgue. As the haunting continues and the seduction begins, he soon realizes that this sexy ghost is bent on revenge. Revenge has never been so beautiful.

3AM has had astounding success as it’s made the festival rounds. It won a Student Emmy, the prestigious ASC Heritage Award for cinematography, and Best Student Film at Screamfest LA among many other awards. Thanks to its accolades, 3AM was featured in the American Cinematographer magazine as an example of cutting edge student work and brought to The Cannes Film Festival by Kodak.

Watch it here.

Student Emmy
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Heritage Award
American Society of Cinematographers
Best Student Film
Screamfest LA
Best Director – Short Film
Best Cinematography – Short Film
Fearless Tales Film Festival
Charles Schwartz Award
for Exemplary Use of Sound and Music
Short Drama Jury Award
Short Drama Audience Award
New Haven Film Festival
1st Place
Flicker Film Festival
2nd Place, Student Competition
Palm Beach International Film Festival
Florida Shorts Program
The Florida Film Festival
The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Honorable Mention
Orinda Film Festival


Cannes Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival

La Femme Film Festival
Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
Breckenridge Festival of Film
Stonybrook Film Festival
Dead By Dawn
Cleveland International Film Festival
Myhelan Indie Film Festival
Pensacola Bay International Film & Television Festival
Jacksonville Film Festival


Short Film / Thriller / super 16mm / 2003

Misfortune is the story of a man who pulls over for a bite to eat at a remote highway diner and realizes that his waitress is being held hostage. Misfortune rose through the ranks of Kevin Spacey’s Film Festival and was awarded the top prize at the competition’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Thanks to his success in the festival, Hopewell and his work were featured in the pages of Vanity Fair.

Triggerstreet Film Festival


Sundance Film Festival


Short Film / Thriller / Digital / 2007

Created as a semi-finalist for Mark Burnett’s “On The Lot” competition show, “Lint Trap” is the short and sweet thriller about a young woman and the washing machine that wants her dead.


Webisode / Thriller / Digital / 2006

This was made for Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures as part of a series of short horror films.


Short Film / Thriller / super 16mm / 2002

A home invasion thriller about the lengths a young woman must go to to battle her deadly past.


Short Film / Comedy / DIGITAL / 2001

A young couple wrestles over the remote control whilst pursuing a devilishly clever mouse.