A short bio of Stewart Hopewell
Stewart Hopewell is an award-winning director who has established himself as a smart, pitch-perfect storyteller specializing in elevated psychological horror, suspense, and action. His knack for shot design, imagery and editing has won him honors and praise at film festivals across the world including Cannes and Sundance. His body of work includes feature films, short films and music videos.

Most recently in April 2012,  he wrapped up the music video, Hold You Down, for The HUSH.

Taking a small budget and a big band, he created a stunning and sexy video that screamed Rock and Roll.

Before that, he directed a teaser for the The Projectionist, a throwback anthology series in the vein of Hitchcock meets The Twilight Zone.

He’s currently in development with the producers on the pilot episode.

In 2009, Hopewell directed the feature film, Slaughter, for After Dark Films and Lionsgate Films to be part of After Dark’s Eight Films To Die For Horrorfest. The film’s a slow-burn psychological thriller about two young women running from their pasts and learning whom they can trust. It’s a modern day interpretation of  the alleged events surrounding the world’s most prolific female serial killer, Belle Sorenson Gunness.

Slaughter had a budget of a million dollars and was filmed at Media Pro Studios in Romania, edited in Los Angeles, and finished at Molinare in London. It had a theatrical release in over 100 theaters nationwide.

Hopewell is also attached to direct Desolate for Candy Heart Productions.

Originally developed under the guidance of legendary special effects master and personal mentor, Stan Winston.

Desolate is a psychological horror about a trucker who decides to wait out the Thanksgiving traffic at a desert truck stop only to find himself completely alone, and trapped by mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows. Desolate was written by Francisco Castro.

Hopewell has also written and directed several award-winning short films:

3AM is the disturbing tale of a cremation attendant who encounters the beautiful ghost of a young woman residing in his morgue. As the haunting continues and the seduction begins, he soon realizes that this sexy ghost is bent on revenge.

Revenge has never been so beautiful.

3AM has had astounding success as it’s made the festival rounds. It won a Student Emmy, the prestigious ASC Heritage Award for cinematography, and Best Student Film at Screamfest LA among many other awards. Thanks to its accolades, 3AM was featured in the American Cinematographer magazine as an example of cutting edge student work and brought to The Cannes Film Festival by Kodak.

3AM won a Student Emmy and the ASC Heritage Award

Misfortune is the story of a man who pulls over for a bite to eat at a remote highway diner and realizes that his waitress is being held hostage. Misfortune rose through the ranks of Kevin Spacey’s Film Festival and was awarded the top prize at the competition’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Thanks to his success in the festival, Hopewell and his work were featured in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine.

Hopewell is currently working on several writing projects of his own ranging from a big budget supernatural actioneer to a smaller feature based on his firsthand experience of being kidnapped in Brazil.

Hopewell majored in Computer Science and minored in Art and Art History at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He then went on to earn his Master of Fine Arts at Florida State University’s Conservatory of Motion Picture Arts in Tallahassee, Florida.